This blog’s been around for a long time, and, what?
Like, four posts? :C
I’ve decided to move on and spend more time on other things..
So, um, I’m quitting. Bye.


I made my first one 😀

Read the title so you get the reason………. I will come up with a costume contest. Make the best costume by any way….. If you are wondering what is the prize, I will come up with it later. 😉 So come up with the best poptropican you can!! 😀

LoL i 4got 2 introduce myself……

I‘m Anastasia,and my voice trails off a lot.I’ll post some stuff,talk too much,and basically try not to sing for the sake of everybody’s ears.I’m sorta computer-savvy since my dad is a computer geek,and every once in a while,my dad will convince me to go to the basement and sing into the microphone….and the world will only end if any one other than me or my dad hears.So unless i get a singing contract in 2012,the world is not doomed. 😉

Well,first of all Happy Summer,everybody!
Second of all…..i juss can’t wait ’til Steamworks island comes out,it’s gonna be so mechanical!
Did I mention that I asked my mom to give me a robot for my birthday!? I have a robot! =D
I like technology. =)

I talk too much

Hey guys. Krazi here. I’m sooo glad to say that I’m apart of  Nikan’s  wordpress. I’ll be busy from time to time but I’ll be here and I’ll be here to stay!


Well not really, but the header was made by hijuyo! Thx hijuyo for the awesome header! For some reason my computer made me crop out hijuyo’s name so sorry about that but she made it!