I made my first one 😀


Read the title so you get the reason………. I will come up with a costume contest. Make the best costume by any way….. If you are wondering what is the prize, I will come up with it later. 😉 So come up with the best poptropican you can!! 😀

Well not really, but the header was made by hijuyo! Thx hijuyo for the awesome header! For some reason my computer made me crop out hijuyo’s name so sorry about that but she made it!

I am hiring here so you need to have the right stuff and awesomeness to join!

what you need: A wordpress account

An email

A poptropica account (duh)

and the mad skills to be on!

SO JOIN NOW! Oh and if you join you get a free rare poptropica account, dont think of it as a bribe 😉

My name is nikan87 and this is my blog! Hope you enjoy it i will hire some people and get started on fixing up my blog!